Kanjani8’s Tracklisting for “Aoppana”


Kanjani8 will be releasing their 3rd single (if you count “ER” by Eight Ranger) as part of their 8th year anniversary since they debuted. “Aoppana” is currently used for Maruyama Ryuhei‘s 1st lead-starring drama “Boys on the Run“.

“Aoppana” literally means green snot (lol), but it could also be translated as “Oh that OPPA!” in English. It’s quite an inspirational song that talks about recklessly pursuing your dream, which is one of the main theme of Maru’s drama.

LE version has an additional track, titled: “Hana de Are“, which depicts the blossoming of flowers that could be likened with our struggles in life to fully “blossom”.

Laslty, RE version has 2 additional tracks that “8 nen Mono” and “Onboro Story” that is literally about the friendship between the 8 members of Eito. As we all know ,there are only 7 members after Uchi’s departure, but just like what Ryo said during the 8Matsuri festival, “You are the Kanjani8’s 8th member!“.

Here are the rest of the tracklist:

  • Limited Edition[CD]
    1) Aoppana
    2) Hana de Are[DVD]
    1) Aoppana PV + making
  • Regular Edition[CD]
    2) Hana de Are
    3) 8 nen Mono
    4) Onboro Story
    5) Aoppana (karaoke ver)
    6) Hana de Are (karaoke ver)
    7) 8 nen Mono (karaoke ver)
    8) Onboro Story (karaoker ver)

Source: tower records via jnews1


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