KAT-TUN to Have a Regular Variety Show


KAT-TUN will have their regular variety show on TBS titled “KAT-TUN no Sekaiichi Dame na Yoru!” (The Worst Night in the World of KAT-TUN”. The said show will have a one-hour special on Aug 24th starting at 24:20 (JST).

An SP of “KAT-TUN’s Dameyoru” was broadcast last New Year and April. Due to its immense popularity, TBS decided to make it a regular show to have a wider audience reach.

Koki Tanaka revealed that a “regular planning” did not happen ,so there will lots of surprises. Even the members’ themselves were not aware the Dameyoru have turned into a regular show when they started shooting.

“Dame”, which literally translates to useless, no good, or hopeless, will feature guests with different looks or personalities who will performed songs that are not really fitting with their personalities. KAT-TUN will act as judges. The show’s theme is basically “to learn something good from the bad“.

(My own example: Susan Boyle looking like an old, fat spinster with bushy eyebrows yet she has an amazing voice that could belt-out a Les Miserable)

If you think you’re a “Dameyoru”, I think you can still audition.

dogatch, tvguide , TBS via jnews1


3 thoughts on “KAT-TUN to Have a Regular Variety Show

  1. It will be interesting to see KAT-TUN act as judges but the show sounds very demeaning o-o; sorry for stating the obvious but that’s just how I felt when reading this 😛


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