New TV show for Kis-My-Ft2 with “BUSAIKU!”

Aside from “Hama-Kiss”, Kis-My–Ft2 will be getting a new TV show at Fuji TV titled “BUSAIKU!“. Busaiku literally means ugly (in a stronger/vulgar sense) but it could also mean clumsy, poor shape, homely , and plain.

The seven members will be hosting this early morning show (1:50am) with the theme “men so cool everyone would admit it“. The members will study a survey from 100 women in their 20s about their idea of “coolness”.

They would demonstrate things, such as: how to bathe in shower (?), how to kiss in karaoke, and stuff.

Fujigaya Taisuke thinks that the show is not your typical “idol” show, but its definitely something new.

First broadcast will be this Aug 18th.

sanspo via jnews1

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