Kis-MyFt2’s “WANNABEEE!!!” and “Shake it Up” PVs and the Never-Ending 3×4 Formation


Kis-My-Ft2 recently released two new PVs for their two new singles, “WANNABEEEE!!!” and “Shake it Up” respectively. These two PVs showcased their dancing talents and it has some really catchy rhythms that makes you wanna dance. However, while most girls are screaming over Taipi, Hiro, and Tama-chan’s exposure in these PVs, I actually feel bad for the other four (Senga, Miyata, Wataru, and Nikaido).


I’m not the biggest fan of Kisumai out there, in fact, I only started noticing them with their SHE!HER!HER single and when I became aware that two of them where in Ikemen Desu. While I still think that the beginning of SHE!HER!HER is like that of Gregorian chant and that puking rainbows is not really my type, I immediately noticed the so-called 3×4 formation within the group.

It’s so Western boyband thing. You know, just like the time in N*SYNC when the only one who gets to have most lines are Justin Timberlake and JC Chasez while the rest got relegated to back-up vocals. With Kisumai, the three were given the most lines and exposure while the other four got relegated to being back-up dancers who rarely gets to sing something. It’s so sad. This is not just in PVs, I also noticed the same thing with magazine covers and spread; the three were given their own page while the four were like squeezed in one page, if not, two in one page.


Furthermore, I totally get it that Taipi and Hiro were the lead vocals since that was always the case back when they were juniors together with Senga. However, due to the sudden rise of Tamamori in popularity after Ikemen, Senga was now relegated at the back. I think that move was horrible, suddenly you were the center and just when you have debuted, you’re suddenly at the back?! Seriously?

Let’s take a look at Kanjani8, they also have the same 7 members but they were given equal exposures. Though Subaru will always be the main vocalist, but you won’t see this kind of awkward formation like in Kisumai.


I’m sure that these guys passed Johnnys because they have the talent and that they have something to show-off. So I really hope that they will be given an equal exposure and chance in the future. Or it might be their 5th year anniversary and some people would still see them as back-up dancers or that they have to Google the names of the other four. :/

All images are taken from Tumblr with proper credits on captions.


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