Hideaki Takizawa Holds Solo Concert at his Hometown


Hideaki Takizawa, more popularly known as Takki or Tackey of Johnnys’ duo “Tackey&Tsubasa“, had his solo performance last Aug 12th at Olympus Hall in Hachioji, Tokyo. The said concert is part of his “Summer Concert Tour 2012“; furthermore, Hachioji is Takizawa’s hometown.

The Olympus Hall can only accommodate 1,800 fans amidst the 45,000 applications that were received. The organizers decided to have an additional 200 fans to enter the venue but they have to stand. Takizawa’s mother and sister were also seen in the audience.

The Johnny’s talent was introduced as the “Prince who gave birth to Hachioji” and sang 28 songs, which includes “Sha la la“. Takki also shared some fond memories from his birthplace that he really miss, in fact, Takki arrived earlier at Hachioji just to have a stroll in front of the station.

Due to his fans enthusiasm, Takki sang seven more songs for the encore, from the usual three songs. He also shared that he wished he could do the same performance at Fujisawa, Tsubasa Imai‘s hometown.

Tackey & Tsubasa will be releasing their 10th anniversary album this Sept 11th titled “TEN“; moreover, they will also have a Tokyo Dome concert, titled: “Let’s celebrate 10 Years with Everyone” on Sept 8th and 9th.

Nikkan Sports, Sports Hochi via jnews1


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