4-nin NEWS Kicks-Off “NEWS TOUR 2012 ~Utsukushii Koi suru yo~”

Following the success of NEWS Best Album and Chankapaana single, 4-nin NEWS kicks-off they’re “NEWS TOUR 2012 ~Utsukushii Koi suru yo~“(Let’s Make this a Beautiful Love) at Chichibu Rugby Field, Tokyo last Aug 14th.

It will be the first time that the group will perform as 4 members following the departure of Ryo Nishikido and Yamashita Tomohisa.

Keiichiro Koyama was smiling from ear to ear while taking note of the good weather, “The weather forecast predicted that it would rain so I’m so happy that the cloud’s have cleared,” he said. NEWS’ field/outdoor performance will also be the 1st in their concert history. Takahisa Masuda said that they decided to go outdoors since it’s summer and he would definitely welcome the heat.

It has been almost 3 years since the group have gone on tour, “I’m really glad; I have been waiting for this tour, and to the fans who have been waiting for three years,” Tegoshi Yuya said. Yuya is also part of the duo “TegoMass” with Masuda Takahisa. The two have been performing as a unit since NEWS have gone on hiatus.

Kato Shigeaki revealed that what he missed the most is wearing those “shiny” outfits from Johnnys’ concerts. “I’m glad to wear our sparkling costumes after a long time. I also like to do an idol smile today (smiles peevishly at the reporters). Since there was a time when there’s no telling if we’ll be able to continue with four members or not, I’m really grateful that I’ll be able to do this live performance today. I’ll definitely won’t betray the expectation of our fans”.

Since lots of fans have been waiting for NEWS comeback, there were those who were not able to get a ticket, but they still chose to stay outside the field. Koyama hoped that they could go out and greet those who were not able to enter.

“From now on, if there will be an opportunity  to connect with our fans, I’ll definitely consider it.” The rest of NEWS agreed in unison with Koyama’s statement.

NEWS TOUR 2012 ~Utsukushii Koi suru yo~” will continue in 6 more venues that will end in Sapporo on Sept 30th.

News24 via jnews1 twitter

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