Change Theme

Finally, after changing into 10 themes, I finally decided on this one! I chose this mainly for its “magazine” type.

Hope you like it as well.



One thought on “Change Theme

  1. Hello! I just noticed you followed my blog and I’ve been checking your entries. I’m glad somebody is translating this articles (fully), since, I translate them too but more like previews… anyways, I had and idea and i don’t know how you would feel about it, but, I’m inviting you to form part of my blog… in that case, won’t be any longer just my blog, of course… i’m telling you this, since i noticed you had just started and it will be a waste if I just tell you this after years of work… if you know what i mean.

    I won’t offer you anything, since I think you get the same thing that I do with blogs, just informing and give back to our fandom community, give them a place where they can find each day, accurate news just about Johnny’s in the most accesible language, english. In any case, the structure is not 100% defined, it can change and I can add sections of course, I just want to make it a better place. If you’re interested, my personal e-mail is doris.armijo [gmail] [dot] com, or feel free to send me a message to any social media service, my username is the same in all, whatever is more convenient to you.

    Doris Armijo


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