TOKIO’s Kokubun Taichi to MC a Special NHK Show


On Sept.1st, Japan will be having their annual Earthquake Drill/ National Disaster Prevention Day as a day of remembrance and preparedness after the Great Kanto Earthquake last Sept. 1,1960. In lieu to this, NHK will have a special show, titled: “Kamaishi no Kiseki” (Miracle of Kamaishi) where TOKIO‘s Kokubun Taichi will act as the show’s MC.

The show will do a special lesson and re-enact the drill that saved  184 students of Kamaishi Elementary School during the Great East Japan Earthquake last year. The show also reproduced an anime detailing the actions of the students that saved their lives when the 1st wave of tsunami struck their area.

Thanks to the repeated earthquake drills by the school administration, the students were able to saved themselves from the imminent danger by doing the drills that were taught to them.Their action during the earthquake have attracted attention and became the model for crisis management and disaster prevention in local areas and abroad as well.



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