Arashi Look Back on 24 Hr TV

Last Aug 25th to 26th, NTV’s “24 Hr TV Loves Saves the Earth” was broadcasted with Arashi as the main personality for the 3rd time. The 5-member group commented on what really touched their hearts during the preparation for 24 hr TV, the actual show,and toward it’s ending.

Kazunari Ninomiya said he was really hit this year around, “it’s something that I want to say to myself as well, I got really emotional and I wish I could say something honest and straightforward.”

Not as emotional as Ninomiya, Jun Matsumoto said that he was able to hold back tears, “I was exactly the opposite than the last time, I learned to fight back the tears, but there’s still a great deal of emotions involved.”

Masaki Aiba got emotional after Kennosuke  reads-out a letter  after completion of the 120 km marathon challenge. One of the runners, Akira Hokuto, said that she got a much-needed boost of energy when she heard an Arashi song over the speaker. “I was glad that our song was able to give her the energy,” Aiba relayed.

As part of the program’s plan, Sho Sakurai visited Iwate while Jun Matsumoto visited Miyagi.  Both areas have been badly-affected by the earthquake last year. “There’s a crane on top of a pile of rubble, there’s so much tidying and re-constructing to be done, ” Sakurai related after seeing the condition.

Jun Matsumoto helped a High School Brass Band that was affected by last year’s earthquake. “It has been very fulfilling, thank you to everyone who have helped,” he added.

Satoshi Ohno can’t help not to be impressed with Matsumoto’s enthusiasm for the brass band, “I was really surprise with his work for the students, it was really touching when he conducted for the band,” the Arashi leader stated. As to how will he summarized the feelings for this year’s 24 hour TV, Ohno could only reply,”strong”.

24 Hr TV broadcast was able to accumulate an average of 17.2% audience rate, peaking at 39.5% (Kanto) during the marathon. It also received a 20.5% audience share in earthquake-stricken Fukushima while Ninomiya’s drama “I fly in the sky with wheel chair” got 23.8%.

Furthermore, monetary donation for 24 Hr TV have reached 280 Million Yen.

Source: jnews1  , News24 , yomiuri online, Manichi Digital


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