[Editorial] What’s with all the negative write-ups about Sho?

Just an occasional rant…

For the past two days, there has been a surge of negative write-ups about Sho Sakurai from tabloids and via net. The issue is nothing new, but what’s funny (if it is amusing) is the fact that it has been always about one thing: Sho being the epitome of snobbery to his fans.

Amongst the other members of Arashi, this type of issue has been Sho-centered, like the tabloids have something against him or whatever for the continued write-ups regarding fan treatments. A lot has been said that now this issue has gone international with some Singaporean fans claiming to have received a cold treatment from Sho during his Singaporean visit for NazoDi.

While this rumor is yet to be proven (amongst other fan-related issues that have been reported), and even though there are those who claimed that they will support Sho irregardless whether he does fan service or not; there isn’t really a PROOF to claimed this accusations.

It is all hearsay and probably said by those fans who really deserved to be ignored. LOL. Seriously, based from previous reports that I have read, these fans can be really annoying, like it’s Sho’s responsibility to oblige their whims by smiling, waving, or throwing some flying kisses. Okay, he is an idol; idols are supposed to do those stuff, but there is such thing as privacy. While Sho would probably endure endless camera snapping and fangirl screaming during concerts and TV shows, the same cannot be said when you just see him riding a subway on his way somewhere. It’s the reason why celebrities wear disguises, its their own way of telling, “fuck-off! I’m on my day off.

Furthermore, Sho is only human. He gets tired and he gets pissed-off. So, please don’t expect him to always wear a friendly smile just because it’s his job to do so.  If there’s one thing I admire in him (in case this rumor turns-out to be true) is the fact that he is true to himself. He doesn’t have to play the role of Mr. Nice Guy and kiss all the girls then he would be gargling using an alcohol (yes, an alcohol, not just a mouthwash) the moment he gets the chance.

Lastly, Sho belongs to Arashi. At his age, he has probably reached what he want to reach, he doesn’t need to raise the bars by pretending someone he is not.


2 thoughts on “[Editorial] What’s with all the negative write-ups about Sho?

  1. When the Nazodi filming happened, I kept reading all twitter for comments of my Singaporean friends, and i don’t think they had anything bad to say but some fans expect his idols to be one way, and sometimes that doesn’t happen. I think they have the right to be their own person, Sho’s not an snob, he just doesn’t react well to that much attention, he doesn’t have to be like the rest of idols. Sometimes he is in the mood, sometimes he is not, we all have those days. He just happens to get filmed everytime he has a bad one. I like about Johnny’s that each are their own individuals, and Sho is not exception to this U_U… Great editorial, btw ❤


  2. How can fans say such terrible stuff about SHO-kun??? SHO-kun was nice enough to wave and smile at us (SINGAPORE FANS) during his Nazodi filming to recognize our presence!
    I think some of the fans may have missed that moment and maybe misunderstood his coldness.
    I also agree with you that SHO-kun needs his time and space too. He needs his private time and rest too and can’t possibly entertain every fan he meets.
    You have my support! As good fans not only do we support Arashi but also respect their private time and their decision/actions.


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