Nakai Masahiro and Shinoda Mariko are Rumored to be Dating


After a weekly magazine reported  a rumored dating status between SMAP‘s Nakai Masahiro and AKB48’s Shinoda Mariko, the said rumor further escalates as more magazines are on the look-out for a solid evidence/concrete proof that the two are indeed dating. Furthermore, the said gossip have posted an escalating trend in various gossip sites and blogs. Some magazines are even doing a “Shinoda stake-out” for day and night for a chance that the two will be photographed together.

Nakai and Mariko both starred in TBS Music Program “Kayou-Kyoku!“, which also stars other members of AKB48. Mariko is reportedly becomes Nakai’s favorite because of her fresh factor. (according to a weekly magazine reporter)

Since the “Shinoda stake-out” have yet to gained any results, other journalists would read or listen to any radio shows, TV appearances, and magazines that features Mariko for any slight chances that a statement from her would hint an ongoing relationship or a guy that she’s involve with.

Apparently, this rumor started when Mariko supposedly posted a picture of SMAP’s latest album on her twitter account, even citing that Nakai gave the cd to her. (—I checked Mariko’s twitter account until Aug 1st and I can’t find any). The relationship between the two have been reported to be the center of attention within the network.

If this rumor is indeed true, the news would definitely be a huge commotion since Nakai’s status as the leader of a top boy group that represents Japan and AKB48 is currently the no.1 female idol group. Lastly, both of them belongs to a highly influential entertainment agencies.

As the old saying goes, when there’s smoke there’s fire. As the media coverage continues to gather concrete evidence, let’s all wait if the smoke indeed comes from fire.

Cyzowoman, livedoor, and akb48sokuhou


2 thoughts on “Nakai Masahiro and Shinoda Mariko are Rumored to be Dating

  1. I dont mind with this couple. if it’s really true XD
    btw, this is that tweet 🙂



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