A.B.C.-Z vs Kansai Johnny’s Junior for “Jail in the Sky”

A.B.C.-Z and Johnny’s Junior held their final public dress rehearsal prior to their opening act on Sept 4th for “Shonentachi Jail in the Sky” stage play.

This is the 2nd year that A.B.C-Z have taken the lead role for Johnny’s-produced stage play. This year, however, one of ABC-Z members- Ryoichi Tsukada– suffered a torn ligament during their rehearsals last month. “The tension is higher now, but we are more motivated than ever,” Tsukada said, who remained enthusiastic despite his condition.

“Our battle and collaboration with the Kansai Juniors is a must-see,” Fumito Kawai said, “they [Kansai Jrs.] have definitely improved than last year, so expect a fierce competition,” he added.

“Shonentachi Jail in the Sky” have been an annual stage play by Johnny’s that started in 1965, SMAP have also participated in the said play in 1993. Shonentachi is tale of boys who are planning a jailbreak.

“Shonentachi Jail in the Sky” will run from Sept 4th to 26th at Nissay Theatre in Yurakucho, Tokyo.

jnews1 and Oricon


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