Johnny to Aiba: “Study More!”

So much for Aiba-sensei…

Rumor has it that Arashi‘s Aiba Masaki has been called by the head office to study. “It is said that strict orders was given for [Aiba] to study social studies. The management also ordered him to read newspapers and books orally and there will be no exceptions, ” a well-informed person said.

“I often heard that Aiba doesn’t even know the name of the Japan’s Prime Minister,” an insider shared.

Apparently, the era wherein idols who know nothing but sing and dance is over. Idols like that of Aiba’s caliber should be knowledgeable enough, if not intelligent, to performed other duties like hosting, joining a quiz show, etc. Sho Sakurai is a very good example, aside from having a University degree, he is also a newscaster, and is well-regarded in the industry.

Arashi is a national idol, foolishness/stupidity cannot be tolerated,” the insider added.

However, despite the office order for him to study or read newspapers, Aiba hardly reads anything except for manga and he would rather watch TV for news than read them. “When the office found-out that Aiba ignored their order, he received a stern warning so he started reading Sports Newspapers,” according to one informant.

Finally, Aiba have realized how stupid he is and have started studying in hopes that the baka stigma will be removed from him.

TokyoSports via Johnnys-Watcher

This rumor is so amusing. Geez, I also don’t know the PM of Japan if I won’t Google it. Does that make me stupid?


4 thoughts on “Johnny to Aiba: “Study More!”

  1. I don’t even think Aiba Masaki is baka, it’s just his ‘title’ with baka to make him Aiba Masaki. It could be true that he does not know PM’s name, but so does people! Like MALIZIA said: “If Aiba-san is that stupid, how is it that he is working with Shimura Ken-san for more than 8 years…”

    I only think that Aiba is only good with animal, which makes him much better member among Arashi in understanding animals (He could be a zoologist if he’s a normal person, not an idol). They should order him to read newspaper or books as supplement, so he wont stress out


  2. Aiba-san is NOT stupid, he can be kind of slow (like a lot of other actor/actress/singer, but if you watch the latest Arashi TV shows, you can understand that he is not stupid, he knows a lot of things. They can’t compare Aiba-san to Sakurai-san. Sakurai-san went to University, but the four other member didn’t, and it doesn’t make them less intelligent.
    If Aiba-san is that stupid, how is it that he is working with Shimura Ken-san for more than 8 years…I don’t think that someone who is stupid could remember the choregraphy for a concert of 3 hours and more…or learn the script for a drama or movie.
    Maybe they asked him to learn about a new subject to be able to have his own knowledge about something, but not because he is supposely “stupid”.
    Well, that is what I think.


    • this is just a rumor obviously written for entertainment purposes because tabloid writers can’t think of any bad things/scandal behavior from Aiba so they did this. Anyway, ofcourse Aiba is not stupid. =)


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