NEWS’ Shigeaki Kato Shows Culinary Skills in New Drama


Last Sept 5th, it has been announced that NEWSShigeaki Kato will star in the new TBS/MBS late night drama titled “Hana no Zubora-meshi” (Hana’s sloppy meals) starting this Oct. 23rd.

Nominated from last year’s Manga Taisho Awards, this cooking manga follows the everyday life of a cute yet lonely housewife named Hana, who spends her time cooking sloppy meals while her  husband is away on an assignment. Despite the food’s appearance, Hana loves to eat them and each episode will feature a “sloppy meal” cooked by Hana. The female lead will be played by Kurashina Kana.

Shigeaki Kato’s will play the head of the sloppiness research center named Osonoi. Kato will do commentaries, research, and explanations regarding Hana’s sloppiness. The said role wasn’t included in the manga, and Kato hopes that even though his character is not in the manga, he hopes that he can spice things in making the drama more interesting. “There will be a cooking corner at the end of the show and I hope that [viewers] will treat the drama as a midnight snack enough to satisfy them when they are hungry,” Kato added.

Furthermore, viewers are invited to send their own “sloppy” recipes that Osonoi (Kato’s character) will cooked for the cooking corner.

Aside from being an author with his “Pink to Gray” novel, Kato will now show his versatility in the cooking field.

Hana no Zubora-meshi will air on TBS this Oct. 23rd at 12:05am (JST) and on MBS this Oct 25th, 12:05am (JST).

jnews1 and Oricon Style


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