Okura Tadayoshi and Murakami Shingo Face-Off with 100 Wives


Kanjani8′s Okura Tadayoshi and Murakami Shingo will join Fuji TV’s (Kansai region) newest TV variety special titled “Okasuma 100!!” (Wife 100!!). As the title suggest, Okura and Murakami will join 100 housewives (newlyweds and veterans), which includes 19 celebrity housewives,  that will talk about different issues pertaining to the real life after the wedding.

Murakami will act as the show’s MC with Aya Takashima, a newlywed. While Okura will join the “panel” of bachelors who will either throw different questions to the wives or will give their views about certain topics pertaining to marriage and married life.

At the first half of the program, the wives will direct a series of questions to the panel of bachelors, like: “What are different husband behaviors that should be considered suspicious?”,  “what makes a woman marriageable?”,” concept of ideal marriage” , and the like. While for he second half of the program, the newlyweds and the veterans will debate on issues, such as: honeymoon stage, getting close to in-laws, tips in having a good married life, and the like.

Murakami shared that he got tired during the recording and got overwhelmed as the debate get heated. “There are things that a man don’t understand about women, but after listening to the wives, I think I understand a bit more about women. I hope to become a better man in the future,” Murakami added. Furthermore, Okura shared that even though he has the desire for marriage life, he was now able to view marriage with a more open mind and realistic view. “I think, I don’t want to get married now,” Okura said that earned laughter from the audience.

“Okasuma 100!!” (Wife 100!!) will air this Sept 18th at Kansai Fuji TV, 10:00PM (JST)

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