Miyuki Nanase’s Role for Yamada Ryosuke’s “Kindaichi” has been Determined!


Hey!Say!JUMP’s Yamada Ryosuke, who will play as the 4th Generation Kindaichi Hajime, for “Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo (Kindaichi Case Files) –  Hongkong Kowloon Treasure Murder Case” finally gets his heroine.

The role for Miyuki Nanase, Kindaichi’s childhood friend and love interest, will be played by actress Kawaguhi Haruna.

Kawaguchi Haruna is the 4th generation Miyuki after Rie Tomosaka, Anne Suzuki, and Ueno Juri.

Kawaguchi expressed her excitement of playing the role of Miyuki. “It is truly an honor, I still can’t believe it,” Kawaguchi said, “I’m a big fan of the series and Miyuki is a character that I always admire,” she added.

Although there are already 3 previous versions of Kindaichi, Kawaguchi hopes that viewers will be able to enjoy their version and promises that the cast will make this one more interesting.

The shooting will start later this month, but the photoshoot for the casts have already started.

The rest of the cast HERE.

jnews1 , Sports Hochi and Mantan Web

Though I like Haruna, I still think that she’s a bit mature than Yamada.


6 thoughts on “Miyuki Nanase’s Role for Yamada Ryosuke’s “Kindaichi” has been Determined!

  1. I just read and confirmed this from their official site. The rumors were true after all. *sigh*
    Uh, Haruna’s actually younger than Yamada.
    I would have preferred that Kawashima Umika take the role instead. We haven’t seen them act together yet… plus it would have been better if Daiki played another role.


    • Yeah, I understood what you meant… just wanted to point out that even if she looks mature/older she is actually younger than Yamada (she was born on 1995/02/10). And Yamada (born 1993/05/09), though older, could pass for Haruna’s carefree younger brother. 😀

      But then again, the same can be said of Daiki who looks like he hasn’t changed much since HSJ debuted and yet he ends up getting cast as Yamada’s kouhai in this drama. LOL. Johnny’s idols are known for looking younger than their actual ages after all.

      Of course, Umika would be a better choice. Hehe. Thanks for the vote of confidence on her.


    • I know, even though Daiki and Yamada are already in their 20s, they still look like a kid to me. Not just with looks but because I still see them as those kids that debuted years back.
      About Umika, I like her since I saw her in Bloody Monday. I think I already watched her even before BM, I just can’t recall.


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