Sakurai Sho in his Quest for Dumplings


Last Sept 10th, Arashi‘s Sakura Sho attended the press conference for his latest CM for Ajinomoto in Metropolitan Tokyo. The said CM features Ajinmoto’s “strongest” dumpling (Gyoza) that can be cooked without using oil or water.

A cooking demo was done by Sakurai on site where he cooked the dumpling without any cooking oil or water. Afterwards, Sakurai did a taste test and was amazed by his own culinary skill.

“This is tasty,” Sakurai commented with a wink. “Even though I didn’t really ‘cook‘ it since I just place it on the frying pan, it came out amazing,” he added.

After getting hooked with Ajinomoto’s meat and vegetable dumpling, Sakurai also shared that he loves to sample every dumpling available when he travels.

“I would to travel overseas and look for the best dumplings while on the road”, he shared.

“Though it’s quite worrisome since you don’t know what sort of meat there is in dumplings abroad,” Sakurai finished with a smile.

The said CM will air this Sept 15th. Furthermore, the next CM will air this Oct 1st wherein viewers/fans can have the chance to win JPY 400,000 travel voucher via lottery.



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