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Hey!Say!JUMP’s Chinen Yuri and Takaki Yuya Travels to France


Hey!Say!JUMP’s Chinen Yuri and Takaki Yuya challenges a trip to France where they covered a distance of 2,000 km via local train. Their trip will be called “J’J Hey!Say!JUMP Takaki Yuya and Chinen Yuri- futari kkiri furansu juudan kakueki teisha no tabi-“. The two will travel without the help of staffs and interpreter. Both of them are looking forward to their own growth in regards with this travel challenge.

“A journey is like a man’s romance, I’m hoping to see the best sights,” Takaki shared. As fired-up as Takaki, Chinen said he is looking forward to make some new friends.

Starting from Paris, the two will ride the railway train to cross France to Mont Saint-Michel to Nice.

Anxious as they were, they can’t help but be excited because they were not sure what will happen during the trip. “I wonder what will change or develop with our friendship after this trip,” Takaki muses.

Lacking the knowledge of French language, Takaki said he was nervous at first, “French language is so mess-up, I can’t understand a thing”. He shared how confused they were the moment they arrived at the airport.

As for Yuri, he did learn two words, “bonjour” and “Merci beaucoup“, although he added that it was still useless during the trip.

The program will follow the format of Yamashita Tomohisa‘s “Route 66” and Kisumai‘s Kitayama Hiromitsu‘s “Solo Backpack in India“. Both of them traveled alone without any aide.

“J’J Hey!Say!JUMP Takaki Yuya and Chinen Yuri- futari kiri furansu juudan kakueki teisha no tabi-” will air on Oct 1st at 1:29 AM (JST).

Oricon Style

I think that compared to Kitayama, they are way much luckier!


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