Katori Shingo and YamaPi Forms a Special Unit “The MONSTERS”

It has been announced that SMAP‘s Katori Shingo and Yamashita Tomohisa aka YamaPi have formed a special unit called “The MONSTERS“. The said unit was specifically formed in lieu to their upcoming drama “MONSTER” where they will be singing the theme song and will release a CD of the same title.

“MONSTER” was included in SMAP’s recently released “GIFT of SMAP” album. Katori and Yamashita worked together to composed the song for the upcoming deka drama while Jeff Miyahara produced the song.

Katori expressed his joy of working with Yamashita and hopes that their special unit will continue even after the drama run.

It has also been reported that TBS producer Akihiko Ishimaru was the one who decided that composed a song for the drama. Katori and Yamashita revealed that they got surprised how the song fits perfectly the drama’s story even though they haven’t read the script when they wrote the song.

“MONSTER” tells the story of two detectives, a newbie and a veteran, with different personalities joined together to solve cases.

Yamashita and KAT-TUN‘s Kamenashi Kazuya have also formed a special unit back in 2005 called “Shuji to Akira” based from their “Nobuta wo Produce” drama. The duo released “Seishun Amigo” where it accumulated a total of 1.636 million sales back in Nov.2005.

“MONSTER” TV Drama will air this October while the “MONSTER” single will be released on Nov 14th.

jnews1 , Oricon Style and Tower Records


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