[New] 嵐 Top 30 Songs Based from Fan-voting

Just wanna share…


Based from the magazine article/clipping above, here are the Top30 songs that is assumed will be included as Arashi‘s concert setlist for the upcoming ARA-FES. However, since this magazine clipping has no caption or source link, it remains UNOFFICIAL.

Arafes will take place at Tokyo National Olympic stadium this Sept 20th to 21st.

Here are the TOP 30:

-Fight song
-Love so Sweet
-One Love
-Sakuta Sake
-Kansha Kangeki ame Arashi
-Hatenai Sora
-Boku ga boku no subete
-Subarashiki Sekai
-Wild at Heart
-Oh yeah!
-My Girl
-Pikanchi Double
-Face Down
-Step & go
-Kitto Daijoubu
-Kotoba yori taisetsu na mono
-Love situation
-Beautiful days
-Meikyuu Love song



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