Kanjani8 to Release “8EST” Album and Additional Tour Dates


Fans were treated with surprising announcements during Kanjani8′s concert yesterday. Aside from having their 1st outdoor performance in Ajinomoto Stadium last Sept 15th, the members have also added two-nights Tokyo Dome concert this Nov 10th and 11th and Kyocera Dome Tour on Dec 30th, Dec 31st, and Jan 1st.

With the additional concert dates, Kanjani8 is expected to mobilized around 880,000 fans. “I’m particular with the number ‘8‘, it represents our 8 years together, the number of mobilized fans; I think that [8] has given us so much blessings this year,” Yokoyama Yu stated.

During their Ajinomoto stadium concert, fans were treated to the revival of Kanjani8’s “EIGHT RANGER” skit where the members added some note-worthy stunts. Also, 26 songs were included in the Ajinomoto leg of their tour including their recent single “Aoppana” .

“I was really moved,” Murakami Shingo commented regarding their 1st ever outdoor performance where 55,000 fans attended.  “I feel good when I saw the sky,” Nishikido Ryo added. If Nishikido thinks that the sky is pleasant, Shibutani Subaru was quite embarrassed being outdoors, “I look different when I’m under natural light,” he said.

Aside from additional dome tours, the group will be releasing a best-of-album aptly titled “8EST” this Oct 17th.

jnews1, Sanspo, and Sports Hochi


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