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Two Johnny’s Junior Units to be Regulars in New TV Show

Johnny’s Junior groups, the trio “Naniwa Oji” and the duo “Kin Kan” have been announced to become regulars for BSFuji TV (BSフジの新番組) new show titled “Mai do!~Kanjani~“. The show will start on Oct 3rd at 11:30PM (JST)

Each week, two members of Kin Kan will decide the show’s theme depending on their current interest where they will also invite guests who shares the same interest. Onishi Ryuusei (11), who passed Johnny’s last July, said that since he is interested in football, he hopes to invite female football player Homare Sawa to the show. Ren Nagase (13), who shares Onishi’s passion for football, hopes to invite football player Yuto Nagamoto since they share the same position in football. Lastly, Daigo Nishihata (15) was beaming during the interview and said, “I want to utilize the program to the extent that we’ll be able to invite Johnny Depp in the future.”

“Mai do!~Kanjani~” will air on Oct 3rd.

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