V6’s Inohara, Kanjani8’s Yokoyama, and NEWS’ Tegoshi Forms New Unit for Knorr CM

Last Sept 19th, V6‘s Inohara Yoshihiko, Kanjani8’s Yokoyama Yu, and NEWS’ Tegoshi Yuya attended the presscon for the new Knorr’s cup soup. It was also announced that the three have formed a new unit to be called “TRIO DE tsukehita“.

The latest Johnny’s trio will surely brighten your day as they deliver “oishii” (delicious), “tanoshii“(fun), and “genki” (healthy) soup to your tables.

The “TRIO DE tsukehita” sang classic musical pieces, such as: The Drifter‘s “Ii yu da na”, The Spider‘s “ban.ban.ban”, and Ueki Hitoshi‘s “Sudara Bushi”. The three sang this famous classics as if they are performing them live.

During the shoot, the three were requested to just act “natural” so they were just naturally eating, drinking, and conversing as the shooting finished. Inohara revealed that Yokoyama got a barrage of NG scenes during the shoot while Tegoshi playfully calls Inohara “InoPan” (Ino bread). Inohara joked that it might as well be the title of a new show.

Before the press conference, invited journalist were asked to taste and vote as to which Knorr soup variant is their favorite. Yokoyama won by a slim margin with “spinach DE noon bread” from Inohara’s “potage dressed with cheese and spinach”.

Knorr soup CM will air this Sept 22nd.

Oricon Style and NEWS_JE


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