Tape Recording for TV Drama Starring Katori and Yamapi got Lost


It was reported that some scenes from the 1st episode of TBS’ MONSTERS, which stars SMAP‘s Katori Shingo and Yamashita Tomohisa, got lost. The said drama is scheduled to air a 2-hour pilot episode on Oct 21st, 9PM (JST).

According to production officials, a staff noticed the lost during the video editing stage. It was found that the tape containing some scenes for the 1st episode was gone. The circumstances were explained to Katori and Yamashita who both agreed to re-take the lost scenes. The TV drama will air as scheduled.

TBS PR Department was thankful that the cast agreed to re-take and issued an apology, ” The shooting is progressing smoothly and the editing for the 1st episode has been mostly finished. Again, we apologized for making you worry.” Furthermore, it was not noted whether TBS filed a police report regarding the incident.

As for the drama, Katori and Yamashita play an uneven pair of detectives who will solve the most thrilling cases for Metropolitan Police Department. MONSTERS will have a special 2-hours pilot episode on Oct 21st.

Sports Hochi

Of all the things that will be stolen,why the tape? Yamapi’s underwear being stolen, now that makes sense…


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