Sakurai Sho Gives 6th Graders an Advice in New CM


Arashi’s Sakurai Sho will appear in the latest CM for Benesse corporation for their “Shinkenzemi junior high school course” program. The said CM is 2nd in line after Sakurai’s “summer course version”.

The CM’s theme is all about “conquering your weakness” where Sakurai gives his earnest advice to junior high students. Sakurai, as a senior, advises his juniors on things that concerns the usual worries of a junior high student in a typical classroom interaction.

The CM was done in “free dialogue” format wherein Sakurai was only informed about the CM’s theme and he provided the dialogue from then on. The shooting’s atmosphere was light; Sakurai and the students had fun from start to finish.

I think that all of you are anxious about starting a new life as a junior high student, but there are also fun things that surely awaits you. Do your best!” Sakurai said and cheered for the students who will be junior high freshman next year.

Here is a news report [ZIP! TV] related to the CM shooting:



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