KAT-TUN to Appear Regularly on NTV’s “Quiz 80”

NEWS’ Keiichiro Koyama when he appeared as a guest from the SP of Quiz 80 last Oct 2nd

NTV will start its newest quiz show, “Quiz 80“, on Oct. 9th (25:29, JST) where KAT-TUN members will make regular appearances.

“Quiz 80″ is the regularization of the quiz special,”Ariyoshi & Becky no Quiz 80“, that was broadcasted last Oct 2nd. The quiz show, which is merely about using your common sense, will based the correct answer from respondents depending on their age, gender, sex, type of work, and hometown. The correct answer must at least reach a rating of 80% or higher.

It will be a battle of “male vs female” wherein Ariyoshi will lead the male team and Becky with the females. The losing team will be punished.

According to the Johnny’s Net, KAT-TUN will take turns in making appearances and Junno Taguchi will be the first one for the Oct 9th broadcast.



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