Ikuta Ryusei to Guest in Ikuta Toma’s “Osozaki no Himawari Boku no Jinsei Renewal”

It has been announced that Ikuta Toma‘s brother and Fuji TV announcer, Ikuta Ryusei, will be acting alongside his brother for TV drama, “Osozaki no Himawari ~ Boku no Jinsei, Renewal ~“. The said drama will mark as Ryusei’s acting debut where he will play as Toma’s brother, Kodaira Jotaro, who is the exact opposite of Toma’s character.

“It’s kinda embarrassing to play the brother of my brother,” Ryusei commented, “I wanted to run away from the tension,” he added.

Furthermore, it was also the first time that Ryusei saw Toma acts in front of his eyes. “I was really impressed, I thought, my brother is really a good actor,” Ryusei commented.

“Acting with your younger brother gives off a strange sensation,” Toma mused. Nevertheless, Toma feels happy to see how much his brother have grown.

Ryusei will only appear in one episode; however, there is still a possibility of future appearances.

“Osozaki no Himawari ~ Boku no Jinsei, Renewal ~” will air on Oct 23rd, 9:00PM (JST).

Daily Sports and Sanspo



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