SMAP’s Inagaki Goro and Ryoko Hirosue to Act as Husband and Wife in New Movie


It has been announced that SMAP’s Inagaki Goro and actress Ryoko Hirosue will co-star in a movie that will be released on Apr 6th next year. The movie, “Sakura , futatabi no Kanako“, is based from Niitsu Kiyomi novel where Goro and Hirosue will play as husband and wife.

The movie revolves around Yoko (Hirosue), a mother who lost her daughter Kanako. Unable to accept her daughter’s death, Yoko treats her as if she still existed; she cooks and talks to her as if she’s still alive. Nobuki (Goro) was Yoko’s supportive husband; however, his wife’s deep grieving  has become his source of frustration. One day, Yoko meets Masami (Fukuda Mayuko), a pregnant high school girl determined to have her child, which made Yoko believes that the child must be Kanako’s re-incarnation.

Even though “Sakura , futatabi no Kanako” talks about pain and sadness, it also talks about the miracle that is “having the courage to continue living despite the pain and the loss”.

“I hope that the movie can give courage to a lot of people,” Hirosue commented.

“There was discomfort at first with my role as the father whose wife is in deep mourning following the death of his daughter. The director and the staff has been very considerate in giving me time to ponder about the joy living and pain in grieving so I could concentrate on my acting and respond well with joy, sadness ,and miracle,” Inagaki commented as he talks about the intensity of their work.

Minoru Kurimura, who will direct the movie, has a high reputation in International Film Festival where his works has been recognized. He is proud to work with two actors, who are nationally popular, for the role that needs imagination and internalization to be able to experience the pleasure from the movie’s story.

Joining them in the movie, are: Fukuda Mayuko, Johnny’s Junior Takada Sho, and Enami Kyoko.

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