Tsuyoshi Kusanagi Prepared to Back-up Jin Akanishi for Meisa?

A strong “backer” seems to have appeared for Jin Akanishi…

After Jin Akanishi’s wife Meisa Kuroki have given birth to a baby girl last Sept 23rd, SMAP‘s Tsuyoshi Kusanagi was heard saying, “a certain promise must be fulfilled”. The said “promise” between Kuroki and Kusanagi dates back to 2009.

Back in 2009, Kusanagi and Kuroki worked together for Fuji TV drama “Ninkyo Helper“. During the shooting, Kusanagi’s schedule was full pack that he has to juggle with drama’s shooting and his responsibilities for SMAP. It was hard to “make ends meet” with the production and the other casts schedules. Due to this, the production and other casts, including Meisa, have to adjust their own schedule in order to give-way with Kusanagi’s schedule. (according to a previous writer)

“Ninkyo Helper” was Kusanagi’s “comeback” project after his “naked-drunk” scandal.

Because of everyone’s sacrifices with their own schedule, the filming went-on smoothly without delay, which made Kusanagi extremely grateful especially to Meisa, who is as busy as he.

Therefore, as a token of appreciation, Kusanagi told Meisa that if time comes that she ever need anything, Kusanagi would help her. Meisa declined the offer, but she joked, “once I am with a child and in trouble, I’ll come looking for you”. Kusanagi and Meisa both laugh at the joke; Meisa was not even dating Akanishi that time, much less to talk about babies and impending marriage. (According to another staff writer)

Kusanagi did not forget about that promise, in fact, he congratulated Meisa during the press conference for the upcoming movie version of Ninkyo Helper, which also stars Meisa. Afterwards, Kusanagi reportedly went to J&A office to talk about Jin Akanishi’s suspension removal. Kusanagi didn’t do it once, he went to the office repeatedly, and it was leaked that Kusanagi’s direct approach may soon solved the case involving Akanishi. (according to the same staff writer)

Furthermore, it was also reported that Jin Akanishi wasn’t just Johnny’s favorite, Meisa was also favored by Johnny Kitagawa. In fact, Meisa was partnered (if not, have worked) with lots of Johnny’s talents when she started her acting career . Meisa was rumored to be backed-up by Johnny publicly and privately.

Examples of projects where Meisa co-starred with Johnny’s talents: Byakottai with YamaPi and Koki Tanaka, Haikei Chichiue-sama with Ninomiya Kazunari, One Pound Gospel with Kamenashi Kazuya, Space Battleship Yamato with Takuya Kimura, Saigo no Yakusoku with Arashi, and Shiawase ni Narou yo with Shingo Katori.

Lastly, with regards to Sweet Power (Meisa’s agency) dating Johnny’s talents, Rina Uchiyama and Norikiyuki Higashiyama would be the most famous. Both have ended their relationship years ago and Johnny has maintained his friendly relations with Sweet Power.

Tokyo Sports and Cyzo Woman via Johnny’s-Watcher

If this is true, which probably isn’t (LOL), then I would love Tsuyopon to death. That was sooooo nice of him! Even though he is doing the favor for Meisa and not for his kouhai, Jin. Oh well…







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