[Interview]Yamashita Tomohisa Talks About his Hollywood Goal


Singer/Actor Yamashita Tomohisa sits with Hajime Shinoda and Kitano for a short interview where he talks about the rocky path of going solo, his first comedy and detective role, and his Hollywood dream…

[What I want to do 1st in the future?To this question, the answer was indeed return.]

“For now, I want to buy a huge mirror”

Yamashita Tomohisa aka Yamapi will challenge the role of a detective for TBS drama “MONSTERS“, which starts on Oct 21st. It has been a year since Yamashita has gone solo after leaving NEWS, “it has been satisfactory; although for one year I realized how immature I was. I looked back how spoiled I was by the members. Still, no regrets“.

Since Yamapi has been doing solo performances, he realized how hard it is to be alone during his concert tour. “You have to entertain everybody just by yourself, it was difficult,” he mused. For now, Yamapi studies videos of successful solo performers like Michael Jackson, Madonna, and Eikichi Yazawa for live performance pointers.

I looked at the way they handle themselves onstage; the way they walk, sing, body expressions, and how they handle the atmosphere“, Yamashita said with admiration. “There is usually no dance choreography, I sang in place and I was free to do my own moves. Now I think that I should not have overlooked that part,” he added.

As for wanting to buy a huge mirror, “I would like to study myself in a mirror, I would like to see myself in various angles“. Staring at a mirror is something serious for Yamapi, “I liked to laugh and walk while looking myself at the mirror.”

“I think I began to think about these things since I’ve gone solo, it’s because I’m in the state where I have to drive myself.

Yamapi’s dedication for researching about his roles is evident with his new drama “MONSTERS” with SMAP‘s Shingo Katori. Yamapi plays a celebrity detective rookie partnered to an eccentric member of Metropolitan Police Department Criminal Investigation Group. Since comedy isn’t exactly the type of role fitted for the likes of Yamapi, he studied movies like Hollywood’s “Hangover!” and Koki Mitani‘s- “The Uchoten Hotel“.

I study some words or expressions that I cannot do,” Yamapi shared. He also watched Shingo Katori closely since Shingo have worked with Mitani previsouly. “After all, Katori is great!” Yamapi said with undisguised admiration.

Taking on a challenge is nothing new for Yamapi since he left his group; afterwards, he continued the harsh path of being solo. Moreover, he will be doing comedy and will be playing a detective for the first time. There is also the challenge of performing as a unit with his senpai, “I would like to be a craftsman who can do various roles, and to just to see the world in different light,” Yamapi said with his eyes focused on his would-be destination.

For almost a year now, Yamapi is still pursuing his English studies, “It was difficult at first but it has been fun. It’s also fun to be able to recall or memorize new words.” As to what his aim is for studying English, “Hollywood movie,” was his flat-out answer.

“I want to look forward into such world where I can spend time and money luxuriously by making a movie.” Furthermore, Yamapi also get inspiration from Yankees’ outfielder Ichiro Suzuki, whom Yamapi is a huge fan, “seeing Ichiro working hard and doing his best gives me encouragement. Maybe, after ten years or five years…

[The other side of the mirror contains unlimited possibilities as [Yamapi] stares back at himself].


As much as I love Yamapi, it was an utter bore when I first saw him singing and dancing “Ai, Texas!”. It looked so bad that I didn’t even finish his Music Station performance since I feel sad for him. Oh well, as for his Hollywood dream, there’s not much Asian stars who managed to enjoyed longevity in Hollywood since they are mostly stuck with stereotypical roles. Then again, who knows? Things might me or could be different for Yamashita Tomohisa. XD


3 thoughts on “[Interview]Yamashita Tomohisa Talks About his Hollywood Goal

  1. Yamapi,Akanishi and Nishikido all nurse hollywood dream I guess. They better stick to Japan and deliver good work rather than getting lost in Hollywood.


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