Ninomiya Kazunari’s Latest Girl has Johnny’s Approval?

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When it comes to the topic of love, Ninomiya Kazunari is the only Arashi member who is known to have a girlfriend. Even his fans would not overlook this juicy bit of info, especially with the recent news that he was seen incognito with a rumored girlfriend.

According to an entertainment reporter, Ninomiya has been meeting a girl privately for the past few months. Naturally, to avoid being seen by paparazzi’s, they only meet for limited time and in secured places, such as the bar whom they are acquainted with the manager.

It could be recalled that Ninomiya’s past relationships where also kept in a secret until the tabloids have revealed his relationship with model Nozomi Sasaki (photo leaked by Josei Seven) and actress Masami Nagasawa (their relationship was exposed after their break-up).

In light of this rumored girlfriend, their relationship is still a secret but is rumored to have Johnny’s seal of approval. “They are usually accompanied by his manager when they go on dates,” according to the same entertainment reporter. “The girl must be in her early 20’s, she’s pretty, and the calm type. From onlookers POV, they could easily passed as a couple, but there are also those who assumed that they are ‘just friends’; however, they sometimes meet at midnight accompanied by the manager, so they must be in some kind of a relationship.”

Furthermore, there are rumors that this girl was the reason Nino broke-up with Sasaki, or that he was still dating Sasaki when he started dating this girl.

According to a close friend of  Nino’s mother, his mother hopes that if he marries, it won’t be someone from the entertainment industry. “I don’t know if Nino knows about his mother’s wish, but since Nino gets along well with his parent, he must be willing fulfill his mother’s wishes,” according to the close friend. “However, I don’t think that marriage is yet to come…”

Ninomiya dating Sasaki is something that both of their agencies didn’t expect and Nino once said that he has no desire for marriage. In his current stage in life, his career is doing well and his private life is blossoming; Ninomiya would rather enjoy his final year in 20s.

Cyzo Woman

Oh well, Nino’s relationships has always been famous!


2 thoughts on “Ninomiya Kazunari’s Latest Girl has Johnny’s Approval?

  1. Nino gets along with his parents…well that’s interesting, he has mentioned in many interview that he has no relationship with his father.


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