TOKIO x YUKI Collaborates for a Movie Theme Song


It has been announced that TOKIO will be singing “Tegami“, a song written by YUKI, for the movie “Daijoubu 3 kumi” (English title: Nobody’s Perfect).

The said movie was based from Hirotada Ototake‘s novel of the same title. It depicts the life of Hirotada, who was born without arms and legs, yet he managed to become a teacher at a primary school. Akao Shinnosuke plays the role of Hirotada while TOKIO’s Taichi Kokubun will play the assistant teacher Yusaku Shiraishi. Ryuichi Hiroki (April’s Bride) will be the movie’s director.

YUKI read the script repeatedly as she writes the lyrics and hopes that “Tegami” would be able convey movie’s message. Kousuke Noma did the arrangement while Yoshi Tsutaya for the composition.

“Daijoubu 3 kumi” will hit TOHO theaters nationwide on March 23, 2013.

Music Natalie



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