Kamenashi Kazuya is Rumored to be Dating Anne


It started as a piece of rumor that co-stars for the upcoming movie “Yokai Ningen Bem” are dating. Since there are no pictures to prove that KAT-TUN‘s Kamenashi Kazuya and actress Anne are dating, there have been various “witness” accounts that could prove otherwise…

As reported,


In an article from Bunshun, staffs from Yokai Ningen Bem location said how the two would be “lovey dovey“. When Kamenashi would talk to a female staff, Anne seems to always interrupt and would join the conversation. It has become a rumor among the staff that the two are dating.  The two would take their meals together during breaks, they loved to talk about baseball since both of them are Giants fan, and they would fondly call each other “Kame-chan” and “Anne-chan“. Lastly, every time Fuku Suzuki would come in between them, you could feel that they are like a real family.

In a separate article, it was also stated that Anne watched “Dream Boys” last September. Instead of seating in VIP/celebrities section, Anne chose to seat among the general public and privately cheered Kamenashi with a “Kame-chan”. Those who were involved backstage said that Kamenashi was particularly hyper on that day.


Aside from various tabloids write-ups, TV shows like Kugizuke decided to tackle this piece of rumor. Five panelists voted whether they believed that Kamenashi and Anne are dating or not. The TV show presented different “proofs” based from the Tokyo-Sports article.

Some proofs are:


Kame mentioned Anne during his radio program and played YNB OST sung by Anne a few times…(err…isn’t that just promoting YNB?)


Anne mentioned on her blog that she went with Kame to a batting center (Kame as a baseball freak, no-brainer)


Ken Watanabe, Anne’s father,mentioned in an interview that he is pleased about the match when rumors about Kamenashi and Anne have surfaced.



Even though Kamenashi and Anne did not play as a couple in Yokai Ningen Bem, is there a chance that they would give birth to a “humanoid monster” couple in the future?


I don’t have anything against this pairing if it turns-out to be true. I even think that its cute. However, with YNB movie coming-up this December, most of this seem like nothing but sort-of publicity, which is weird because I don’t think that YNB doesn’t need that much  publicity considering it’s popularity. Nevertheless, what do you think about this pairing?


8 thoughts on “Kamenashi Kazuya is Rumored to be Dating Anne

  1. I’d love if it’s true #ships
    But only with those “rumours”, we can’t know~ Japanese media cannot comprehend friendship between a man and a woman, so… Because they totally get along well and have a lovely interaction, besides acting like big brothers/parents to Fuku-kun ❤


  2. They are pretty adorable together. They’re peaceful and domestic and happy, in particular, which makes me happy for them if they truly are a romantic couple.

    While I maintain that Kame-chan seriously has no chemistry with women (romantically, anyway) from what I’ve seen and watched, I can imagine Anne-chan being the one person he can be together with for life and be happy. It’s not the passionate, overwhelming and burning feels I’d usually expect from someone with such a hot-blooded image like Kame, but it’s the zen, subtle and wholly dedicated kind of romantic vibe, which is still like him. I don’t know much about Anne, to be honest, but I think it suits them. And I think Anne is both good for Kame and good to him.


    • While I maintain that Kame-chan seriously has no chemistry with women—> Have you seen Tatta no Hitotsu Koi with Kame and Haruka Ayase? That’s my favorite drama of Kame and I swear that their pairing screams “chemistry” right from the 1st time that their eyes locked. XD.


    • Yeah, I’ve watched Tatta Hitotsu no Koi. =w=)b It’s not my most favorite drama starring Kamenashi, but I did enjoy it every much. I’m not saying that his acting with any female co-star is fail, because I personally adored the budding and enduring romance between Hiroto and Nao. But that’s Hiroto and Nao, and both Kame and Ayase are skilled performances. —I may not be explaining this well, but to me, Kame has this on/off-switch with his roles, even if all of his roles so far had some sort of aspect of Kame’s personal character.

      So basically I believe his chemistry with Nao is mostly due to his portrayal of Hiroto. They’re lovely characters and all, but when it comes to Kamenashi Kazuya and Ayase Haruka, the romantic vibes totally disappear, and instead they come across as either good friends or brother and sister. It’s the impression I got from watching the DVD Special of Tatta Hitotsu no Koi, as well as their interviews together.

      …Kame sort of treats most of his female co-stars like a sister, and he doesn’t even have one. It’s strange, aye, but it’s the vibe I get from him.


  3. I don’t mind them either. They look cute & sweet together. But like you’ve said, I also think that this is some kind of publicity stunt to attract fans to watch YnB. This kind of things ALWAYS happen right? But, I still hope this is true.


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