Hey!Say!JUMP’s Yamada Ryosuke Asks His “Senior” for a New Year’s Gift


On Nov 12th, Yamada Ryosuke, Yabu Kota, and other members of Hey!Say!JUMP, A.B.C.-Z, and Sexy Zone, who appeared in the stage production of Johnny’s World, attended the press conference after their performance at Imperial Theater, Tokyo.

“Johnny’s World” is the commemorative work of Johnny Kitagawa for being the recipient of Guinness World of Records for “most number of concerts produced” last year. “I feel honored to be on Johnny’s World stage that is a culmination of Johnny’s talents that Johnny-san has built,” Yamada commented. Yamada also feels proud from the positive response that they are receiving, “when I think about our final performance, I think there’s a lot of change from us and that we continue to evolve every day,” he added.

Johnny’s World will run until Jan 27th next year wherein talents behind Johnny’s World talents will be spending Christmas and New Year together. When ABC-Z’s Fumito Kawai suggested that they do Christmas exchanged gifts, Yamada then demanded that Fumito should give them (the younger ones) a  New Year’s present since Fumito is older. “It should be carried-out as to who debuted first,” Fumito replied that earned laughter among the group.



For those who didn’t get the joke, though Yamada is older when it comes to the year that he debuted with HSJ, Fumito is older by 6 years when it comes to birth age.


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