Arashi to Release “Arafes” on DVD

It has been announced that Arashi will be releasing a live DVD of “Arafes” on Dec 26th.

This DVD footage is taken from the 2-days music festival of Arashi that took place last Sept 20th to 21st at Tokyo National Stadium. This is Arashi’s first attempt in constructing a concert setlist that is solely based from fan voting. Fans voted from favorite concert songs, such as: “A-RA-SHI”, “truth”, “PIKA ★ ★ NCHI DOUBLE”, and “Face Down”, which was voted as the no.1 single. In addition, the DVD will also showcase a wide range of member’s solo songs.

Arashi is currently on their “Popcorn Tour” that started last Nov 14th and will conclude on Jan 13th at Nagoya.


・Gori muchuu
・Love Rainbow
・Step and Go
・Wild at Heart
・Summer Splash!
・Love Situation
・Fight Song
・Friendship(Aiba Masaki)
・Shake it!(Matsumoto Jun)
・natsu no owari ni omou koto
・T.A.B.O.O(Sakurai Sho)
Energy Song~Zekkouchou, chou!!!!~

・Kiss Kara hajimeyou
・Gimmick Game(Ninomiya Kazunari)
・Rain(Ohno Satoshi)
・Magical Song
・La tormenta 2012
・tokei ji kake no umbrella
・One Love
・Face Down
・Meikyuu Love Song
・Oh Yeah!
・Hadashi no Mirai
・Kansha Kangeki ame arashi
・Hey Hey Lovin’ You
and more

 Music Natalie 


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