Goo Ranking for Skinny but Macho Johnny’s That Will Make You Fall in Love

After NEWSKeiichiro Koyama mentioned that he is doing bench-press while backstage of his latest stage play- “Hello, Goodbye”- Goo made a poll about Johnny’s that could make you fall in love with their skinny but muscular bodies.

Here are the results:

1. Yamashita Tomohisa

2. Sakurai Sho

3. Jun Matsumoto

4. Ohno Satoshi

5. Kamenashi Kazuya

6. Ikuta Toma

7. Junichi Okada

8. Nishikido Ryo

9. Domoto Koichi

10. Higashiyama Noriyuki


It is a fact that most Johnny’s are more into the skinny/lean side instead of those buff/muscled bodies. I actually think the title is contradicting because since when skinny is macho? Oh well,,,

Hands-down to Yamapi, I totally agree with him being the no.1. Based from the number of votes, Yamapi got 2,000 votes ahead of Sakurai. Among Johnny’s, Yamapi indeed has a body to die for and he is not even on the skinny side.

Sakurai in 2nd spot is okay since we can see that he is working-out his biceps/triceps based from photos taken in AraFes; however, he looks a bit heavy on the middle.

MatsuJun in 3rd spot is…well…he really got lots of fans. lol. Seriously speaking, I don’t think he is muscular at all, skinny,yes; but not even close to being “muscular”.

Ohno at 4th spot is awesome. The “leader” being recognized for his body is cool.

Kamenashi at the 5th spot is deserving, gaining weight is definitely a blessing for him.

Ikuta at 6th is *sigh*, he has proven that he got the body during his “an an” stint.

The rest of the ranking in OKAY and I’m sorry for that crappy pic of Koichi and Noriyuki. It was hard to find a recent topless shot of them.

Who I wish is on this list? Okura Tadayoshi!!!


7 thoughts on “Goo Ranking for Skinny but Macho Johnny’s That Will Make You Fall in Love

  1. Of course yamapi will take d lead!!! There’s no doubt about it! Although, he’s not even in d list of skinny body type….Love him so incredibly much!


  2. YAY! Kame again! Tho, I still don’t get it with Yamapi’s ^^ Maybe Yamapi type of body is so not my thing ^^; And I wish Ueda on the list too! His boxer body is just too…. URGHHH!


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