Kamenashi Kazuya and Ryoko Yonekura got FRIDAY-ed!


FRIDAY’s latest issue featured a paparazzi pic of KAT-TUN‘s Kamenashi Kazuya and actress Yonekura Ryoko in an embrace that is rumored to be a proof of Kame’s “devotion” to the actress…

As reported,

Seen last Halloween in the back alley of one of Nishi-Azabu’s bar is the actress, Yonekura Ryoko. Amidst the bustle of people in halloween costumes, the actress has been easily recognizable due to her small face, long arms, and legs.

An hour after midnight, Yonekura was seen drunk and sat in front of the stairs of the store, she was seen talking to someone on her cellphone while she pouts her lips and her eyes were peevish. According to someone who overheard their conversation, she was asking someone to come-on over as she was already drunk.

After a few minutes, a “prince” arrived in the name of Kamenashi Kazuya, wearing black coat and black sunglasses as though he stepped-out from a Matrix movie.

Kamenashi open the shop’s door and Yonekura said “I’m glad you came” and welcomed Kamenashi with a big hug. Afterwards, Yonekura increased the tension inside the shop, she went on with another “drinking spree”, have Kamenashi sat “close” to her, as she placed her hands on his lap and knees. If the reporter have any doubts about their relationship, Yonekura is indeed the Queen on this one.


Swaying from drunkness, Yonekura went-out again, talking to someone through her cellphone where it seems like she’s about to meet someone else other than Kamenashi. Then, Kamenashi went-out, saying that he wants to leave; however, Yonekura insist that he stays as “another good-looking” man arrives. The two “princes” silently measure each other. With the addition of “another good-looking man”, it could be said that the Queen’s appeal reach its MAX.

“Yonekura and Kamenashi are old acquaintance. There has been rumors that they are dating but they are really just like a brother and sister,” according to one professional entertainer.

The “Yonekura party” broke-off at 4:00am where a drunk Yonekura went home by a taxi that Kamenashi arranged. While Kamenashi looked anxious to let-go of Yonekura, she was all smiles and waved before boarding the taxi.

FRIDAY via Johnny’s-Watcher


Geez…and I was expecting something bigger and more scandalous. lol. That was all?! Well the pictures didn’t show who the “other” man is and here I am expecting for a threesome. XD. Oh well, I don’t think that they are “together”, perhaps just some matron trying her charm to a young gun, or, they are really just friends. I leave it to your imagination.

P.S…LOL at the “Matrix” description.


7 thoughts on “Kamenashi Kazuya and Ryoko Yonekura got FRIDAY-ed!

  1. I assume that the last picture was when Yonekura is going home by a taxi. She doesn’t look drunk to me. A welcome change from scandal-free Kamenashi kazuya, though as you’ve said, there is nothing “that” scandalous with those pictures.


  2. Thank you for translating. I’ve been wondering what the article all about since the leak. I wasn’t sure if they’re really together or not, but… oh well. As long as Kame is happy ^^


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