[Interview]Sexy Zone Talks About Their 1st Year Since Debut


It has been a year since Sexy Zone debuted, after 3 singles and an album, the group talks about how much they have grown, their feelings for ahead of their 2nd year, and Arashi being their role-model and “rival” as well…

—It has been a year since your debut, looking back, how much have you change?

Marius: I think that our 1st concert was like a trigger that we must start being responsible now.

Nakajima: Taking responsibility in being in Sexy Zone?

Marius: Well, me taking responsibility for my life?

Sato: Marius really changed strangely after a year. (laughs)

Nakajima: It was during our first handshake meeting when I realized that a huge number of people would support us from now on. consciously, I just changed with each live performance.

—How does it feel being in contact and touching your fans [during handshake event] ?

Matsushima: It was entirely different. I was glad to do a handshake meeting when we debuted.

—Some considers that the number, label, and method of your debut is similar to Arashi, and some say that you are following Arashi’s footsteps at the time of your debut. One year has passed and how has your views changed?
Nakajima:When I was able to meet them in a music program, they were a very good senior. Now, we feel our existence is far in comparison like before. It is because, we must pave the way Sexy Zone. I noticed that with our present work this one year, we should not aim at the same place yet.

Sato: Sexy Zone must pave the way of Sexy Zone. Ofcourse, we could learn a lot from Arashi.

Kikuchi: Yes, we can absorb what we can absorbed to make Sexy Zone bigger. (expression liken to a sponge)

Nakajima: I love to watch Arashi variety shows because its interesting and I can study them. While we learn from them, I also like to think of them as “rivals”.

—You were able to put-out an album just by a year, what kind of Sexy Zone we should look forward to?

Kikuchi: We received flying colors when we released our album, I would like to value our working environment in creating a style that would suit us.

Marius: It has been a year since we debuted and I learned what’s what to do during concerts. For the 2nd year, I would work more seriously and would try my hardest so we can reach the top. What Kikuchi said is a good thing.

Sato: I can’t sleep with what our youngest [Marius] just said (laughs).

Nakajima: When you listened to our 1st album years ahead, the five of us gathered could create a big trouble! Even though one of us is only great, we could amass greatness by forming together. From now on, I want to extend power to each one of us.

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3 thoughts on “[Interview]Sexy Zone Talks About Their 1st Year Since Debut

  1. haha xD they are so cute!! ❤

    im so proud of them to b able to archive those awards ^^

    though sou seems to be really quiet n shy ne ? hehe


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