Koichi Domoto Dedicates “SHOCK” Stage Play to Mitsuko Mori

On Nov 19th, KinKi Kids’ Koichi Domoto attended the production press conference for the upcoming stage play “Endless SHOCK“. The said stage play will run starting February to March next year wherein Domoto dedicated the success of stage play to late actress Mitsuko Mori who passed away earlier this month.

Mori and Domoto shared a deep friendship that Domoto still find it unbelievable that the actress is gone. A five-minutes video tribute for Mori was shown at the start of the conference, which was filled with recollections about the actress. Domoto watched the video with a serious look.

Mori and Domoto’s friendship rooted from their mutual love for stage play. Mori appeared onstage for 2017 times, 2000 times was from the stage play “Horoki”. Meanwhile, Domoto was highly praised for his professionalism as he starred independently the stage production -SHOCK- for the past 12 years.

“Mori is a person who staked her life onstage,” Domoto commented. Though there are some things that he might not be able to succeed, he is armed with determination as he make an appeal to heaven for his 1000th performance next year, “I want you to see it.”

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