Aiba Masaki Declares Abstinence and Aims High Ratings for “Last Hope”


Arashi‘s Aiba Masaki, who will be playing the role of a doctor for the 1st time, is rumored to be so devoted in character internalization. Rumor has it that he even declared a “temperance” in hopes that his prayer for the drama’s “smashing success” will be answered.

As reported,

Aiba Masaki will be playing an unusual physician for his next year’s drama, “Last Hope“. In the said drama, Aiba has the ability diagnose his patient’s ailments by merely listening to his/her heartbeat using a stethoscope. Aiba even has the staff call and introduce him to a real doctor so he can learn more about his character.

According to an informant, Aiba is studying how to wear the white coat, use a stethoscope, make diagnosis, and is even memorizing some medical terms. Aiba is so serious with his role that he wanted this drama to be his “masterpiece“.

That’s not all. Aiba also checked all drama DVDs with medical theme including Fuji TV’s “Shiroi Kyoto” starring Karasawa Toshiaki that was broadcasted last 2003.

Furthermore, Aiba is also watching TV Asahi’s “Doctor X” where Ryoko Yonekura plays the surgeon named Michiko Daimon. Aiba is reportedly impressed by Yonekura’s character portrayal. According to the same informant mentioned above, Aiba thinks the Yonekura’s role is appealing that he is aiming to be male version of Yonekura’s Doctor X. Even though a physician and surgeon is clearly different.

In addition, there is one more thing that Aiba is betting on this drama…

“It was heard that Aiba declared to abstain from drinking until the drama is over. It has been known to few that Aiba is quite a drinker in Johnny’s. Officials are keeping on tenterhooks to see if Aiba can indeed give-up drinking.

Tokyo Sports via Johnny’s-Watcher

It actually pleases me if this is true. After some bad reviews about his acting in Mikeneko, it’s time for him to prove that he can really act. However, for Arashians, he didn’t have to prove anything because we all love him. Gambatte!!!~~~~







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