[Interview] NEWS’ Takahisa Masuda Gets into his Role and some “Girl Talk”


NEWSTakahisa Masuda is currently playing the role of a doctor-in-training for Resident~5-nin no Kenshui where he faced his role with seriousness.

—Is shooting going-on well and how is your character?

Masuda: Shooting is favorable although we are only halfway through. Manaka-san, the role I’m playing, have gotten used with things at last. He is not so timid now, he converse well with people, and he was able to grasp technical medical terms. Though there are some terms that I had difficulty with, I’m slowly becoming accustomed with the life of an intern.

—Were you taught about your character or did you study?

M: We were taught on how to put an intravenous drip and how to take blood samples. However, learning how to do an injection is different to actually being a medical intern. Therefore, we had a real medical intern to show us the way to make our character more realistic. Though I can’t really help a patient, I can only ask “How is the patient’s condition?”. I always think that the role of a medical intern is unique.

—Your character, Manaka-san, is so well-loved that a lot are hoping that “there should be such a medical intern like that“.

M: Manaka-san is basically smart. Despite being born rich, he is the honest and pure type that is loved by everyone. I have to act accordingly so I won’t break my character’s image. At first, I have to be the honest and pure type in order to play the role.

—Do you think that your character is similar to yourself?

M: Manaka-san is uncanning good so its hard to say that we are alike in that premise (laughs). Though, I think that we are similar in sense that we get along well with people, but being timid-type is unlikely.

—What is the atmosphere with the members during shooting?

M: It was fun. The five of us were usually together during shoots and behind the scenes we  talk about different stuffs from rice to recommending a good place to eat short cake.

—How about girl talk?

M: Riisa-chan and I often talk about clothes. I once saw Riisa-chan in a magazine wearing plain clothes and I think that clothes with wacky-patterns would suit her more since it is more fashionable now. I’m not that stylish but I like clothes too and I’m proud that I can talk about style.

—By the way, have any of NEWS members have commented on your drama?

M: I have only asked Koyama (Keiichiro) and he said that [my character] is interesting. Although he also said that “Massu used a lot of difficult words” (laughs), I told him that nothing is difficult with practice. For the time being, I’m expecting everyone’s encouragement.”

Only Star

Massu is really soooooo adorable!


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