[Interview] Hey!Say!JUMP, ABC-Z, and Sexy Zone Talks About Stage Life in Johnny’s World


[11/25]As a celebration of being the recipient of two Guinness World of Records, Johnny Kitagawa have staged “Johnny’s World“, which could be said as the culmination of Johnny’s talents. Hey!Say!JUMP serves as the chairman of the stage, which also shows the participation of A.B.C-Z and Sexy Zone. Together, these groups gathered for an interview as they talked about the start of their performance.

—The play has finally kicked-off, it is only the 3rd day, how is it so far?

Yamada: Well, being engaged with Johnny’s World that is said to be culmination of Johnny’s talents that Johnny [Kitagawa] have built is truly an honor. This past three days have been well and I think that we can continue without any big failures for the next three months.

—There are also scenes wherein you will be acting with your seniors like Koichi-san, Takizawa-san, and Kamenashi-san, are there any pressures?

Yabu: Our Johnny’s seniors are part of Imperial Theater history, there is still a certain pressure so we play our parts carefully.

—Were you given any advice?

Yamada: Koichi Domoto-san came to our rehearsal once and he and Johnny-san talk about “how things should be done” until midnight.

—This time, Yabu-san acts as the producer?

Yabu: That’s right, though I received a lot of help from Johnny-san. Johnny-san always believe that “the show must go on” whatever the circumstances may be. So, we learned to adapt and be flexible.

—Is there rivalry with each other?

Yabu: Well, I dreamed that Yamada and I are arguing (laughs) and I don’t know which one is at fault. We just exchange opinions most of the time.

Yamada [to Yabu]: That’s why I though that something is wrong the next morning.

—Did the two of you reconcile in the dream?

Yabu: I actually woke-up crying (laughs). In my dream, Yamada was chasing me and saying, “Yabu-chan, Gambatte! Gambatte!”.

Yamada: That’s not me! I’m not that annoying (laughs).

Yabu: When I woke-up in tears, I was thinking of calling Yamada. I rode the car that morning and felt so awkward that I can’t speak.

Yamada: I’m not sure I understand, but I’ll probably say, “Yabu-chan, genki nai ne” (laughs).

—It has been said that there are 180 performers this time, how do you fit in dressing rooms?

Yaotome: Outside the curtain is great but inside is serious. Lots of voices could be heard like the staff shouting, “set’s passing!” or the children’s yelling “I will pass!”. It’s like coming in-and-out of a car that is full and you have to be careful to avoid injury.

—How about the dressing room assignments?

Yamada: Unexpectedly, there are quite a number of rooms in Imperial Theater.

Yabu: What is amusing is that each room has a window facing each other, so I can just lean-over the window and have a conversation with others and we can hear other conversations as well.

Nakajima (Yuto): (laughs) I did it several times as well.

Arioka: Agree.

Yamada: I have a feeling that living in Johnny’s dormitories in the old days would be hard (laughs).

—How often do you guys practice?

Kawai: We can do “Johnny’s World” even without practice.

Yaotome: ahahaha. Well said.

Yabu: No, [the questions should be] how little do you practice?

Kawai: Well, I do practice a little (laughs). Truthfully, change always happen everyday so we evolve by doing it differently.

Hashimoto: There were also changes this morning which is completely different than yesterday.

Kawai: Everyday is different.

Yabu: From the staff to performers, everyone’s aspirations gets stronger each day. We want to show that each day,we are getting better onstage. We always think how much better we can be on the last day of our performance.

—Did you receive an advice from Johnny-san?

Yamada: To us, there are certain scenes/acts from Johnny’s World that we don’t understand so Johnny-san has to explained it to us. He would explain it like, “you have to pour emotions into this song for this scene”. He also asks us what we think about this and make us try to do something for the 1st time. As for the song, “Hadaka no Shounen”, he wants us to resonates with the audience.

Yabu: Since Johnny’s Entertainment have been going-on for a long and time and Johnny-san has achieved a lot of things, we have to reproduced things like we’re doing it for Johnny-san. I think that I have to listened well to Johnny’s advice and pass it on.

—It [Johnny’s World] is a celebration of Guinness.

Yabu: Well, have me keep you up to date as we celebrate it.

—Fans seem to come from all over the world, right?

Yamada: The day after tomorrow, Frank Foley of Guinness World of Records Japan and Arista Richard, Chairman of the Guinness World of Records will be attending so I would want to try my hardest.

—To perform as usual without nervousness?

Yamada: It will be impossible! But I want to try my best without giving-in to nervousness though I will be really serious.

—Kento-kun (Nakajima) is doing a collaboration with the JUMP band.

Nakajima: Well, I’m really glad to be doing collaboration with my senpai’s and I get to play an instrument as well. Though, I’m just really happy to participate for Johnny’s World, and I’m also happy that I came across the best of Johnny’s.

—Finally with enthusiasm…

Yamada: I’m engaged in “Johnny’s World” which is part of Guinness World celebration. Everyone is here as we commemorate the culmination of Johnny’s talents with chibikko Jrs. participating as well. I want to lead the success of Johnny’s World safely without injury and I want to make history on this stage. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for your support!

All members: Thanking you in advance!

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It was long and quite delayed but I looooove this interview…


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