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Fujigaya Taisuke Warns to Avoid Tanaka Koki?



Apparently, J&A has ordered someone to watch-over Kis-My-Ft2s Taisuke Fujigaya regarding his close relationship with KAT-TUN‘s Koki Tanaka

As reported,

Due to SMAP’s barter appearance with Kis-My-Ft2, the group is getting more and more exposure. In lieu to their public image, Fujigaya is given a stern warning regarding one of his senpais…

“Fujigaya is known to admire Koki Tanaka, who is known to be the number 1 playboy in Johnny’s. Fujigaya even kept the doodle made by Tanaka when he was drunk, and put it on his room’s wall. Speaking of Tanaka, Risa Kouda, the AV actress that Tanaka was rumored to be dating was recently arrested for stimulants. Since Fujigaya is also known to be a ladies-man, Johnny’s will supervise Fujigaya carefully so he won’t be more involved with Tanaka as to not affect Kisumai’s good sales”. (According to one weekly reporter)

It is not good to imitate a bad senior.


Even though that this is just a rumor piece, I think that its a total bullshit that Koki would be look like a “bad influence” over Fujigaya. Seriously, even though that Koki have debuted earlier than Fujigaya, they are only two years apart in terms of birth date. Meaning, Fujigaya is old enough to do what he pleases and I’m pretty sure that he doesn’t need Koki’s influence when it comes to dating. Lastly, Koki has been [rumored] to be dating AV actress far too long and I don’t think that KAT-TUN is suffering from his dating preference.



  1. Yui

    Whether KMF2’s sales will increase or decrease really has NOTHING to do with Koki. This is so tiring.


  2. Yup. I agree that Gaya is old enough. He himself should be responsible of whatever he’s doing (or dating). And “Johnny’s will supervise Fujigaya carefully so he won’t be more involved with Tanaka as to not affect Kisumai’s good sales” THIS is just bullshit. So, if Kisumai sales drop, it’ll be Koki fault? Wow. I’m amazed.


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