Inagaki Goro and Ueto Aya to Play as Couple in “Oshin” Movie Adaptation?


It has been rumored that the cast for the movie adaptation of 1983 NHK’s drama “Oshin” have been chosen.

According to a movie insider, Ueto Aya has been chosen to play the role of Oshin’s mother while the role of the father will go to SMAP’s Inagaki Goro. Shooting will start in January up to February next year and it will be set in Yamagata prefecture where the drama was also set.

“Oshin” tells the story of a girl born from a poor rural family who survived the Meiji, Taisho, and Showa era by hard work and perseverance. Oshin was played by three actresses representing three generations- Kobayashi Ayako , Tanaka Yuko , and Otowa Nobuko. The said drama achieved an average of 60% ratings during it’s entire run, was shown in different parts of the globe, and was seen as a symbol of Japanese women.

The movie version of “Oshin” is also from the makers of the movie “Departures” that won 2009 Academy Award for Best Language Foreign Film. In the same way, producers are also aiming for an Oscar for Oshin, which makes the casting more important.

According to concerned movie officials, Ueto, who is still in her honeymoon stage of marriage, and playing a poor couple with Inagaki seem unlikely. Though the two have played siblings before in Fuji TV’s “Nagareboshi”, playing a husband and wife is a far-fetched idea. However, with Ueto commanding at least a billion Yen just from CMs, the producers are hoping for a huge help in case they are really gearing up for Oscar’s since Takei Emi and Gouriki Ayame is too young to play the mother role.

As of now, making Ueto play the mother seem like a mistake.


The big question should be, who will be playing Oshin? I hope she won’t be overshadowed if it’s true that Aya will be playing her mother (if it is true.)




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