Katori and Yamashita’s “MONSTERS” TV Drama Ratings Nose Dive


TBS drama “MONSTERS” that currently air every Sunday have recorded 8.0% audience share (Video Research, Kanto Area) last Dec 2nd. The said drama have reached 13.8% ratings when it started but it hasn’t managed to increase ratings and kept on declining until it reach single digits.

“The drama should have been a hit with two giants names in Johnny’s as the lead- SMAP’s Katori Shingo and Yamashita Tomohisa. However, the drama have suffered an unprecedented crushing defeat. Furthermore, MONSTERS was also written by Makita Mitsuharu, the same person behind MR. BRAIN that recorded an average of 20% ratings. The producers were actually aiming that MONSTERS will achieve a serialization like “Furuhata Ninzaburō”, but now the producers are in deep blue since there were also talks of movie adaptation,” according to a TV reporter.

Even though the drama got off with a decent start, the viewership eventually falls after that. Can this drama improved? “The reputation of this drama is worse than its numbers.” Though Yamashita’s acting is good enough, Katori is often hated or disliked by televiewers. Even though Katori’s character is really supposed-to-be “hated”, it is not good if viewers actually starts hating his character. Furthermore, there has been criticisms on drama’s screenplay that should have been the drama’s selling point. There has been remarks, such as “sloppy mystery cases” and that “tricks fell short”.

“MONSTERS” next and final broadcast will be on Dec 9th and it will give way to coverage of Lower House voting on Dec 16th. Hopefully, it will gain a 2-digits rating on its final episode.


Totally saw this coming since the cases were really a bore to begin with…and Katori’s temple-tapping is really ridiculous.


One thought on “Katori and Yamashita’s “MONSTERS” TV Drama Ratings Nose Dive

  1. Well i have to say I’m suprised and shock at this news. Regarding the cases being simple or so, well it’s to be expected as it’s a drama but in my point of view, it is interesting up to the very end. Well all i can say is that i think others were expecting too much and had the need to criticize just because both main characters are famous. Can’t (they )just watch for the fun of it without complaining??
    Note: I’m not going against anyone. Hey we all have the right to give our point of view, so just saying


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