…back from the Holidays!

I know that Christmas is still up ahead but my own Holiday is over since I’m now back at work. I’ll be spending Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve buried under a pile of papers and the only good thing about working holidays is being given an extra money, which is not so bad. At least, I’ll be able to spend the Christmas day with my friends and I can only talk to my family via Skype. =)

Oh well, I’ve missed a lot of news from the Johnny’s world during my break, I tried my best not to even look at twitter for some updates and the only time I tweeted was during Kame’s movie opening.

Some bits and pieces that I’m looking forward to the Johnny’s world, are:

  • heard over the grapevine that there will be an international release of YNB and there will be English Subtitles. Though, I’m still not sure about it.
  • Excited for Yamapi’s hosting stint on a variety show. I’m hoping that it will be success and I really hope that hosting would suit him.
  • Sakurai Sho looks cool as a doctor, in addition to that perm, I’m just hoping that people won’t be comparing him and Aiba since they will be playing a physician’s role for their future projects.
  • Glad that KimuTaku’s PRICELESS hit the 20% ratings mark. It just goes to show that KimuTaku still has the edge amongst other Johnny’s actors and those rumors about his “poor man” portrayal are nothing but rumors. It’s just a bummer that PRICELESS wasn’t able to oust Doctor X on the top spot. Oh well, I do like Doctor X, girl power!!!
  • Arashi’s GREE CM is soooo fierce! I love the overall Samurai look, the black&white color, and the dramatic appeal.
  • Lastly, can’t wait for Yamada’s Kindaichi portrayal.

That’s all for now…I will start translating as soon as I’m able.

Enjoy the rest of the Holidays!




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