Tsuyoshi Kusanagi and Oshima Yuko are Dating?


It has becoming a hot topic about the rumored romance between SMAP‘s Tsuyoshi Kusanagi and AKB48′s Oshima Yuko. An expose/scoop about the couple is rumored to be release by Sankei Sports on New Years Day.

However, what is the truth anyway?

Last Dec 24th, TV show “Hapikuru!” hinted on a blossoming romance between two “important entertainment figures” where they gave hints on names, such as:


a) 9 ko no sanagi (sanagi is an insect that grew out of a pupa into an imago)

b) The arrow is pointed at the island of Izu-Oshima

c) K‘s initials is written in blue while O is red.

d) They both belong in groups.

e) Performed in music programs repeatedly.

f) They are many years apart.

g) They both attend “red and white” music show frequently.

h) Lastly, there was something like “a big scoop will be revealed on Sankei Sports on New Year’s Day”.

A lot of netizens have guessed that the clues points-out to Tsuyoshi and Oshima. Moreover, there were a mixture of positive, sarcastic, and shocked comments.


I’m not too sure about this, I thought that Yuko is dating Wentz and if Sankei Sports do have a scooped on this, why in the world did they allow for something like to be leaked? Seriously, oh well, as the old tagline goes—“Believe it, or not.” Lastly, what’s with SMAP being rumored with AKB girls, 1st it was Nakai and Shinoda and now it’s Yuko? Who’s next?


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