Kamenashi Kazuya Comments on Hideki Matsui’s Retirement


KAT-TUN‘s Kamenashi Kazuya was asked to comment regarding the retirement of MLB Yankees “Godzilla” player Hideki Matsui last Dec 28th.

Kamenashi have been a fan of Matsui since he was a kid, Kamenashi went to Tokyo Dome frequently to witness Matsui’s home run. “It has always been a childhood dream, Matsui is the reason I started playing baseball,” he shared. “I saw him with his victory pose when the Yankees won the Major League title back in 2003, I can still picture the image as vividly as before. Because of that, I will continue to pursue my own dreams, thank you for all the hard work, we all appreciate it, thank you for everything.”

Hideki Matsui officially retired from playing baseball last Dec 27th  at the age of 38.

Daily Sports and Sanspo

Awww….Kame is forever is baseball lover and a fan. XD.


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