Kanjani8’s on Their 1st Kohaku Rehearsal Experience


On Dec 29th, 7-members Kanjani8 attended the rehearsal for the “63rd Kohaku Uta Gassen” where they will performing for the 1st time. “I did not feel the pressure even though it’s our first time, Arashi is our senpai and it was very homely, we were just talking in the dressing room,” Murakami Shingo commented. “Hiromi Go is rehearsing in front of me and I realized that I was standing on the Red and White stage, I was deeply moved,” Murakami added.

In the case of introducing Kanjani8, “we should be introduced with some kind of tension,” Maruyama Ryuhei related to Arashi, “It’s always a pleasure to perform in front of a live audience since their expectations are high”. Yokoyama Yu revealed that because of their added suggestions, Arashi is now troubled.

“From grandpa to grandma to parents, they are happy with our debut [in Kohaku], Maruyama shared. Yasuda Shota also have the same thoughts, “I will savor the moment of seeing grandpa and grandma clapping their hands for us”.

Kanjani8 was kept busy this year with their 8th year anniversary where they have did a tour and a movie and hopes that it will continue on up to their 9th and 10th year anniversary. “It was my wished that we could perform on Kohaku for our 8th year anniversary,” Nishikido Ryo commented.

The group will also be running on a tight schedule as they have a Kyocera Dome concert on the 31st (12nn, JST). “It is harder when were juniors,” Murakami shared, “we have to take the 1st train to Tokyo and the last train to Osaka.”

“63rd Kohaku Uta Gassen” will happen on Dec 31st on NHK, 7:15PM (JST) where Kanjani8 will perform for the 1st time.
Sponichi Annex and Oricon Style

Eighter and Proud…soooo happy for them and I can’t wait for their “chat portion” with Arashi.


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