Inagaki Goro and Senga Kento in a New Drama with Johnny’s Jrs.


It has been announced that SMAP‘s Inagaki Goro and Kis-My-Ft2‘s Senga Kento will be starring in a new late-night drama, titled: “Shinryochu-in the Room-“. This NTV drama is a remake of a popular overseas drama about a school psychologist’s  life wherein he counsels students and teachers to solve their dilemmas despite them trying to withhold the truth. Inagaki plays the school counselor while Senga will play one of the troubled students.

Aside from Senga, who will seek Inagaki’s help after he got his girlfriend pregnant, other Johnny’s Jrs. will make an appearance as well, like: Takada Sho who questions his sexuality; Tanaka Juri who’s happy life changes after his brother got into accident; noon boyzSanada Yuuma who’s high IQ disrupts Inagaki’s work, and Nozawa Yuuki who is aiming to have a CD debut.

“Shinryochu-in the Room-” will start on Jan 12th from 00:50 (JST)

jnews1 and Mantan-Web


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